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July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

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The Mermaid's Royal Breakfast

Join our Royal Court of Mermaids for a Breakfast, Storytime and Swim Experience!

Our Royal Court of Mermaids has appeared on land for a special breakfast gathering just for you! Spend an hour in the Mermaid Royal Court; hear a story from the Mermaid Queen, take photos with the Queen and Princesses, and listen to live harp music as you eat continental breakfast treats.  Children will also receive a small keepsake gift, brought from the depths of the sea by our Mermaid Princesses!

At 10 AM, the Court will proceed to the pool, to swim and play following breakfast.  The Mermaid Royal Court will splash into the water with child guests, with special performances and showcases sprinkled throughout the hour of swim time. Who could resist swimming with a Mermaid Queen and her Royal Court? 


Event FAQ

The Mermaid's Royal Breakfast

9 AM - 11 AM - July 11th, 2020

Children with a parent or guardian, and adults welcome

Rusch Community Center Sunrise Room/Pool

- Parents may be in the water with their child, if they wish, but must have a ticket to the event to attend

- Adult Breakfast guests may swim between 10 AM - 11 AM, but must have a Main Entry Ticket to stay in the pool after 11 AM.  Adults without children will be swimming in a separate section of the pool than our child guests

- Lifeguards will be on site, but parents are asked to monitor their child as long as they are in the water 

- Bring: Swimsuit, towels, goggles are encouraged, NO large flotation devices will be allowed - water wings and life-vests are permitted. Please remember water and sunscreen!

- Participants must wear your breakfast wristbands while in Sunrise Room/pool area. You must vacate the pool area 15 minutes after your session has wrapped, to make way for the next Swim Session participants. Our helpful staff will be monitoring sessions/wristbands closely; please help us make this a fun and fair event for all!

- Bathrooms to change are on site, as well as food vendors

- No glass whatsoever, glitter, or oil based lubricants will be allowed in the pool area

Ticket FAQ

- Tickets: $35 per child. $25 per adult. $250 for a full table (8 Spaces). All children must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult

- A single ticket includes entry for ONE participant for the Royal Breakfast. 

- DOES NOT include Main Entry to the Convention 

The Mermaid Royal Court

Queen Glimmer the Mermaid

Queen Glimmer the Mermaid

Queen Glimmer the Mermaid


 Queen Glimmer the Mermaid is the world's brightest and sparkliest LED swimming mermaid. Her tail sparkles with over 180 lights, in ever changing swirls and patterns, creating a glowing, mesmerizing light show as she swims around, enchanting everyone who sees her. Glimmer loves inspiring kids with stories from the sea and very silly magic. She’s a professional kid’s entertainer with 15 years of experience making children laugh, smile, giggle, and delight in their imaginations.

She is also a maker, who creates fairy fashions and LED clothing and costumes. She designed and built Glimmer's tail herself, with lots of help from her very smart human friends. You can find more about her work at here

Mermaid Princess Janessa

Queen Glimmer the Mermaid

Queen Glimmer the Mermaid


 Meet Princess Janessa, keeper of the songs of the ocean. Mermaid Janessa plays her harp to the breaking waves, bringing all near to hear the tales of life in the ocean and above. This good sea witch will weave many of tale of the sea into the strings of her magical harp. We know you will be entranced and delighted by her gentle siren song.  Come join her at the Royal Breakfast, and be enchanted by the magic of the sea.  

Merman Prince Icarus

Queen Glimmer the Mermaid

Merman Prince Icarus


 It was widely thought that Icarus had perished when he plunged into the sea after flying too close to the sun.  What the myths did not reveal was that he actually survived his fall by the grace of Poseidon.  After hearing the pleas from the water nymph, Icarus was spared and was turned into Merman Icarus.  Henceforth, he has been sworn to be a protector all of the citizens of the Ocean. He does so by singing enchanted songs which can mesmerize his audience into seeing and believing whatever he wants them to.