Coming soon to Sacramento, CA

July 12th - 14th, 2019

Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe


 A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the door for all events. For more information, please email us at Thank you.  

Splash and Play with a Real Life Mermaid!

Children's Swim with a Mermaid Sessions


The California Mermaid Convention is excited to offer Swim with a Mermaid Sessions for our littlest con attendees. Children ages 4-11 can sign up to spend one enchanting hour swimming with a real life Mermaid! Select your swim session and purchase tickets below. 

Friday, July 12th Swim with a Mermaid Sessions - $20 per child

Saturday, July 13th Swim with a Mermaid Sessions - $25* per child

*Saturday sessions include a special performance for participants such as a Magic Show, a Sing-along, Dance Lesson, etc...

Event FAQ

-Ticket includes entry for ONE child and ONE adult guardian to the Rusch Park (7801 Auburn Blvd in Citrus Heights) designated children’s swim pool area for one hour only 

- Parents may be in the water with their child, if they wish

- Lifeguards will be on site, but parents are asked to monitor their child as long as they are in the water 

- Bring: Swimsuit for child, towels, goggles are encouraged, NO large flotation devices (floaties included) will be allowed - only coast guard certified life-vests are permitted. Please remember water and sunscreen!

- Check in time is 15 minutes before your Swim Session. You/your child must wear your session wristbands while in pool area. You must vacate the pool area 15 minutes after your session has wrapped, to make way for the next Swim Session participants. Our helpful staff will be monitoring sessions/wristbands closely; please help us make this a fun and fair event for all children!

- Bathrooms to change are on site, as well as food vendors

- No glass whatsoever, glitter, or oil based lubricants will be allowed in the pool area

- Most Children's Swim Session are for children 4-11 years old.  Mermaid Megan's swim session on  Friday at 10 AM is the only session available for children 0-3.


Friday Swim Sessions - July 12th, 2019

Swim with Mermaid Sarah - Free! 8 AM


  Oracle the Mermaid, or Mermaid Sarah as her friends sometimes call her...has cast her fortune with the Sea.  It is important to Oracle to offer a free swim for our underprivileged guppies. If you are able to sponsor a guppy that cannot afford to purchase a ticket(and free swim slots are extremely limited) you will receive the blessing of the waters, and the eternal gratitude of Oracle! 

To reserve your spot with Mermaid Sarah, make sure you follow us on our Instagram Page

Swim with the Valkyrie Mermaid (Mermaid Storm) - 9 AM


The Valkyrie Mermaid is an adventurous creature hailing from the North Sea. Her travels have sent her to far away lands to Dance with the Fairies, Battle with the Valkyri, and Swim with Guppies just like YOU! Get ready for mermaid tricks, lots of splashes, and giggles galore! Sea you there!

To purchase tickets for this swim session, click here!

Swim with Mermaid Sarah - 10 AM


 Oracle the Mermaid, or Mermaid Sarah as her friends sometimes call her...has cast her fortune with the Sea. She has been swimming with Mer-guppies at entertaining children on dry land since 2007. The California Mermaid Convention’s Only Middle-eastern mermaid, Oracle will tell tales of popping up in desert oasis’ and leading lost travelers to the underground rivers or “Wadi’s” that the Bedouins use to stay hydrated on their long land journeys.  

To purchase tickets for this swim session, click here!

Swim with Mermaid Megan - Baby and Toddler Swim 10 AM


Mermaid Megan is from the Northern waters of Chico where she splashes under waterfalls and plays in the local river. She is adventurous and passionate in everything she does. Did you know that a mermaid has a particular aura about them? Her emotional energy is powerful, beautiful and intense: she has strong presence and can broadcast her light far and wide, just like a lighthouse! Her giggle is contagious and can tickle almost every starfish. Mermaid Megan is always fascinated with little humans she encounters on her journeys. Especially their ten toes; whose idea was it to give little humans two feet and ten toes?

- Children must wear swim diapers for this session

This swim is the only session available to our tiniest guppies, ages 0-3! To purchase tickets for this swim session, click here!

Swim with Mermaid Kairi - 11 AM


 Mermaid Kairi was born among the colorful coral reefs & underwater volcanoes of the Atlantic Ocean. With her trusty octopus companion, Fred, she travels the seas in search of new adventures. But her favorite thing is coming to land to play with the human guppies. She loves learning the mysterious ways of land people, playing games with them, and making them laugh with her fishy puns.  Her goal is to teach everyone to love and respect her ocean home. 

To purchase tickets for this swim session, click here!

Swim with Madison the Mermaid - 11 AM


Madison the Mermaid is a professional mermaid, musician, and aerialist living in Las Vegas. She travels all over the world teaching circus and performing as a mermaid. She loves all things circus, ocean, and especially loves playing her ukelele. She is so excited to meet all her new mer-friends in Sacramento this Summer! 

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Saturday Swim Sessions - July 13th, 2019

Swim with Mermaid Krista - FREE! 11 AM


 Mermaid Krista is originally from sunny SoCal but swam up to the SF Bay Area to work with her sea friends.  She loves to swim with the Dive Bar Mermaids, Mermaid & Mom, and going on adventures to meet pirates and real-life human children! When out to sea you can spot her swimming with her shark friends and looking for fun new places to explore.  Mermaid Krista is thrilled to be joining the California Mermaid Convention again for her 5th year and is excited to swim with all the children, guppies, and merlings! See you there sea fans!  

To reserve your spot with Mermaid Krista, make sure you are following us on our Facebook Page

Swim and Sing with Mermaid Mezzie - 12 PM


Mezzie is a mermaid from the coral sea, she is tropical and fun with just a touch of silly. She loves to sing and tell stories about her ocean friends. Join her for a spashy, silly swim with a few fun Sing-Along Shows throughout. 

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Myths and a Magic Show with The Mermaid Atlantis - 1 PM


The Mermaid Atlantis lives in the cold waters of Sand Francisco. Her sand castle is located at the bottom of the bay right in between the Gate made of Gold, and that Island made entirely of Treasure. Atlantis loves to borrow Land Legs to visit humans, fairies, and mystical friends of all sorts. She has been lucky enough to be invited to perform for tiny humans across the world! All the way down to South American, and then all the way up to Canada. 

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Ocean Conservation with Mermaid Nymphia - 2 PM


The adopted daughter of the King of the Pacific and youngest of seven sisters, Nymphia is an adventurous and fun-loving young mermaid who also serves as her home ocean’s protector and ambassador. As a trans woman & conservation ambassador for Save the Nautilus, Nymphia serves to teach and inspire a new generation of children of the sea as well as inspire those around her that anyone no matter who they are can make a difference to better our world.

To purchase tickets for this swim session, click here!

Hula and 'Olelo with Mermaid Malia - 4 PM


Mermaid Malia visits from her beautiful island home of Hawaiʻi. An adventurous mermaid, Mermaid Malia has made it her nuʻukia, or mission, to share the Aloha spirit with the world. She concentrates her message on healthy ocean stewardship and uplifting her Hawaiian culture,. She also loves sharing her diverse cultural background with those around her. Swim by and participate in a chant, hula, story time, and ʻukulele performance!


ʻŌlelo noʻeau(Hawaiian proverb)

“Inā mālama ‘oe i ke kai, mālama no ke kai iā ‘oe. Inā mālama ‘oe i ka ‘āina, mālama no ka ‘āina iā oe.” 

(If you care for the ocean, the ocean will care for you. If you care for the land, the land will care for you.)

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Saturday Swim Sessions - July 13th, 2019 - Merman Swim! 3 PM

We are proud and excited to offer a Swim Session specifically tailored to young mermen. We love celebrating representation and diversity in the mermaid community; together with Merman Jax, we built an event just for them!

When Mermaid Rachel suggested the idea of a Kids Swim, specifically to appeal to young mermen, Merman Jax dove at the idea! It can definitely be intimidating when the boys are surrounded by mermaids, grown and young. He is so happy to be a part a fun swim experience where little mermen can feel confident and relaxed with a grown merman by their side. He wants each child to feel unique, represented and included while having a great time. After all, King Triton is definitely someone to look up to! 

Swim with Merman Jax....


Merman Jax grew up in the cool waters of the San Francisco Bay, swimming among the kelp, seals and sharks. His father is an Irish Merrow & his mother a Filipino Sirena, so he loved the human diversity of the city. He was always so curious about humans as a merboy and is now so happy he now can spend time with them! He grew up hearing the legends of the Kings and Gods of the sea and loves teaching about the mythology of the oceans. 

.....and Merman Thommy!


 Shello! Merman Thommy is from the lovely waters of the Pacific Ocean! He was separated from his pod at an early age and lost at sea. Luckily, he was able to make many wonderful sea creature friends throughout the years. As a way of showing thanks, he has made it his responsibility to protect and defend his waters from dangers that may come. He looks forward to swimming and sharing his Mer-mazing underwater world with new friends, so come out, and dive on in, for a swim you’ll never forget!!!

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