Coming soon to Sacramento, CA

July 12th - 14th, 2019

Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

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 A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the door for all events. For more information, please email us at Thank you.  

ten reasons you have to attend the california mermaid convention!

Do you love Mermaids?


Can't get enough of "Mako Mermaids" or "Siren"? Maybe you've heard of a small movie called "The Little Mermaid"? It seems pop-culture can't get enough of these fishy people. Well, did you know there is an entire convention all about mermaids? 

Yes, an entire convention about MERMAIDS!


Tired of wearing your tail alone in your tub?  You can swim to Sacramento  and make some new finned-friends!


There are so many amazing things happening as part of this convention,  so we thought we would share 10 reasons why you won't want to miss this magically aquatic event in Sacramento, California July 12-14! 

1. The California Mermaid Convention is the longest running mermaid themed convention in the world!

Previously known as Mermaid Weekend in Sacramento, The California Mermaid Convention has been running for 5 years! After outgrowing many of our event spaces in 2018, we've evolved into a full Con, thanks to founders Mermaid & Mom and Pixie Tribe Entertainment. Just some of the fun events during the convention include group swims in tail, a costumed ball, panels/lectures from professional mermaids and so much more! 

2. Everyone is welcome!


The Merfolk Community is a very diverse and inclusive one. You can celebrate with all ages, orientations, backgrounds etc. Mers from all over the country and internationally come to swim, network and just have fun for the weekend. The event also has a strict Code of Coduct, so you can definitely feel safe and supported. Whether you are a Professional Mermaid or are just dipping your fins in for the first time, everyone is welcome here! 

3. Exclusive live, underwater performances!

During the Convention, you'll have the opportunity to see choreographed/costumed performances at Dive Bar Sacramento! This isn't just a bar with mermaids, this is a bar built around mermaids. From the general decor to the 40 ft tank above the bar, Dive Bar is one of the few brick and mortar mermaid themed locations in the US with swimming shows every single day. Also, they have mermen! 

4. The Promenade of Mermaids parade will be celebrating it's 9th year!


At the Promenade of Mermaids, you'll see all manner of nautical denizens here: mermaids, pirates, steam-punk walruses in wheelchairs, dogs dressed like lobsters  (these are all real examples, by the way). Accompanied by live music, crowds gather to watch this under sea parade as it marches and dances through the historic Old Town Sacramento, which is full of adorable shops and great restaurants.

5. The chance for kids to swim with mermaids!


Have a little one who's dreaming of playing and swimming with a real mermaid? Look no further! There are multiple swim sessions with a variety of merfolk on both Friday and Saturday. You can even enter on our Facebook Page  or Instagram Page to win free spots for a Kids Swim. We have a Toddler Swim Session and a Merman Swim Session as well. For more info click here!

6. Completely free to the public events!


While the entire convention itself runs for 3 days, events on 2 of those days are completely free! A Main Entry ticket purchase on Saturday gives you access to vendors, open group swims, live entertainment, lectures and panels. But our events on Friday and Sunday are totally FREE! Friday of the event is a Launch Party at Dive Bar Sacramento (21+) with exclusive underwater performances.  Sunday is The Promenade of Mermaids parade with vendors. After the parade is the River Clean Up, which includes a mermaid meetup and picnic! 

7. Water performance workshops & photoshoots!


Ready to learn how to be an actual mermaid and do it safely? The convention offers a few different workshops where you will be trained by Professional Mermaids! These lovely and talented ladies work everything from private parties to jobs in the tv & film industry. Like the sultry siren at the left, Iara Mandyn, who happens to have a 4 minute breath hold - no big deal. After your workshop, you then get to show off your skills for your personal underwater photoshoot!  For tickets, click here!

8. Mermaid and nautical vendors!


Need some new thingamabobs? Maybe a new mermaid crown? How about your own pet silicone sea-horse? This is the place to get them. The event hosts a ton of vendors, who will be showcasing swimmable fabric tails, mermaid art, nautical jewelry and other magical, shimmery wares! Just try not to become a hoarder like Ariel......

9. Community river clean-up!

We don't just preach about helping the environment and community, we actually get their fins dirty and do it. After helping clean up the river, we all hang out for a picnic on the beach, photos and fun. Help the mermaids keep our oceans and waterways clean! 

10. The event benefits a local charity every year!


This year we will be supporting The American River Parkway Foundation whose mission is to support the preservation and enjoyment of the American River Parkway by fostering environmental education, stewardship and volunteer opportunities. We love giving back to the communities that helped build the convention! 

So, what are you waiting for??

Join us as we 'shell'ibrate everything mermaid! Workshops, lectures, performances, photo shoots, contests, parades and clean ups....everything your mermaid heart desires!  Come swim with the mermaids and mermen at the California Mermaid Convention!