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July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie TribeJuly 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe


 A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the door for all events. For more information, please email us at Thank you.  


The Bubble Ball

An Evening Spectacular for all Denizens of the Deep!

Enjoy an underwater themed extravaganza for all those who crave the beauty and mystery of the sea. The Bubble Ball will feature three hours of spectacular dance music, photo opportunities, delectable beer and wine selections and special performances.  Enjoy an evening dressed in your mermaid formal attire, and revel in the fantasy of the seven seas.

We are honored and excited to feature Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid as our Headlining Performer and Special Guest! Marina is one of the founders of the mermaid profession, and an underwater performer unlike any other on this planet. Marina combines her theatrical sense of style, a retro aesthetic, and true craftswoman-ship to her performances.  Witness her spectacular performance on land as the Bubble Ball builds to a frenzy of sensual, visual and auditory delight!

- 21+ Event

- Mermaid, Pirate, Sea Witch, Nautical, and Ocean Themed attire required to attend.  We will also accept Black Tie and Formal attire

- Beer and Wine available for purchase

- Please bring your own reusable drinking vessel: the California Mermaid Convention strives to be eco-conscious and aware of the impact of single use drinking vessels. 

Ticket FAQ

- Saturday, July 13th

- 7 PM - 10 PM at Rush Park Community Center

-  Age 21 and Over ONLY


MEdusirena - Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid

Our Bubble Ball Guest of Honor

 A touch of glamour, bunch of retro, burlesque - a lot of humor, and twice as much swimming!

Born and raised in the islands of the Caribbean, Marina Duran - Anderson learned free diving at the tender age of three from her father, an avid dive enthusiast, aquarist, and boater. Her marine interests made her an enthusiastic student of marine biology and physiology. She began working at sea aquariums and science museums from age 13, becoming an honors marine biology student throughout her scholastic years.

Her mother's influential interest in vintage Hollywood films, stage performance and dance also led Marina to explore and study a variety of diverse dance styles. Her studies and skills led to accomplished international performances in both Polynesian and Middle Eastern dance as well as in Japanese dance and percussion, and of course, fire eating and dance!

As Marina's diving and dance style began to further progress, she became quite interested in aquatic spectacles - dive shows and water ballets combining the graceful movements of dance with her familiar underwater environment. Pool and tank shows featuring aquatic theatre, dance and spectacles, once seemingly plentiful in years past, unfortunately began to quickly loose their luster with general audiences, almost entirely disappearing.

In 1987, Marina's seemingly diverse disciplinary background appeared to evolve quite naturally into a unique style of retro-performance art, a combination of dance and aquatic theater, influenced by the movements of sea creatures and the human form dancing in liquid space. Marina chose to dub it "MeduSirena", the combined names of Medusa (an adult jellyfish) dancing in the water, and Sirena, a woman of the sea. ("Medusa" also happens to be Marina's nickname given by her mother- as Marina's hair would often clump into clusters resembling snakes or tentacles).

Marina later began to teach this style of performance art to a small group of students. Eventually becoming aquatic performers themselves, the MeduSirena Pod Aquaticats were created, a group that currently continues to grow in number. It is Marina's sincere wish to continue to help preserve aquatic shows and venues, to help influence new aquatic performers for future generations. 

MeduSirena took the swim shows to The Wreck Bar in 2006- and with its increased popularity was able to introduce her Late Night Underwater Burlesque Swimshow— making it the only continuing weekly Aquaburlesque show in the U.S.!!

To find out more about our amazing Guest of Honor, click here

Performers and Activities

DJ Kozze


Kozee is a Michigan born and California raised DJ. She is a producer and Licensed DJ who is currently residing in Sacramento and has traveled all over North America, UK and Europe with her unique sound.  DJ Kozee  is no stranger to the mer-world, having worked as an 'honorary mermaid' and office assistant at the Dive Bar downtown.  She loved spinning for our founding events at Mermaid Weekend in Sacramento, and can't wait to bring her special aquatic sound to the Bubble Ball this July!

Mermaids Janessa, Erin and Ariel - Danse de Sirenes


 An elegant array of professional mermaids from the Dive Bar is pleased to bring Bubble Ball guests the Danse de Sirenes. Danse de Sirenes shares with you a special dance offering dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. Join them in celebration of the feminine trinity and the magic associated with the element of water. They will dance to the Celtic and world music styling of Loreena Mckennitt

Lolita Vasquez Photography - Photo Booth


Lolita Vasquez Photography will provide guests of the Bubble Ball with a fun and interactive Photo Booth for FREE! Guests will have the option to take home and a printed souvenir photo. We ask that guests be conscious and respectful in taking turns using the Photo Booth.

For more info about Lolita's work, click here

Jack Spareribs - Roaming Magician


 Jack Spareribs has been performing magic professionally since 1976. His career began with performances for corporate parties and picnics in the Silicon Valley. In 1978 Ace worked as the resident magician at the Great America Theme Park in California. Several summer seasons performing both strolling and on stage at the amusement park eventually led to Ace producing, directing and performing his own themed stage shows for Paramount’s Great America in the late 90’s. Over the years Ace has been seen in numerous television spots and commercials for companies like Toyota and appearances on the Disney Channel, Mornings on 2 and the A&E network’s Good Time Cafe with Ellen DeGeneres.

See more of his work here

Athene Noctua - Tarot Reading


Athene Noctua, the Lady of the Owls, reads from the Tarot of Misdeeds, a deck she created herself for the League of Proper Villains, a local Steampunk social club. Lady Noctua has been reading tarot for over 30 years, though has only begun offering her services professionally in 2014 for select events and for private consultation. She reads regularly at Shannon McCabe's Vampire Ball and Mardi Gras parties and for Clockwork Alchemy. 

Lady Noctua's tarot reading sessions are FREE for Bubble Ball guests, though tipping is highly encouraged!

Firepixie Entertainment - LED Extravaganza


 The swirling colors and beautiful LED animated costumes of Fire Pixie Entertainment are a senstory treat for the eyes. The motion and beauty of their one of a kind, self-built and programmed costumes and shows will dazzle and delight Bubble Ball patrons

Their illuminated costumes are some of the best in the world.  They use POV (persistence of vision) props that draw pictures in the air, and can customize them in every way imaginable. If you are looking forward to seeing some bioluminescent fish, you've come to the right place!

Learn more about Fire Pixie Entertainment here

Poseidon's Pub


Poseidon and his crew of sea sprites and pirates will be offering an assortment of delectable beer and wine options. Quench your thirst for a good cause; a portion of every purchase goes towards a small, Sacramento local animal shelter - PAWS or Pet Adoption and Wellness Services. Drink for the dogs!

For more information about PAWS click here

The Mermaid Atlantis - Burlesque


The Mermaid Atlantis will tantalize all with her special burlesque number. The Mermaid Atlantis has traveled far and wide bringing her own sense of whimsy and magic to stages near you. You can regularly catch her performing at the Hubba Hubba Revue, and appearing at Tourettes Without Regrets.