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July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

July 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie TribeJuly 10th - 12th, 2020 Presented by Mermaid and Mom & Pixie Tribe

 We will begin online ticket sales in Spring 2020. For more information, please email us at Thank you. 


Main Entry - 2020 Ticket info Coming Soon

The California Mermaid Convention - Saturday, July 13th 2019

Rusch Park Community Center

7801 Auburn Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610 

Main Convention and Adult Swim:  10 AM - 5 PM

Dive in  Evening Swim Party - 7 PM - 10 PM

Main Entry to the California Mermaid Convention gains guests access to a variety of activities and events throughout the day, our Adult Swim, and entry to our all-ages Dive in Evening Swim at night! 

A Main Entry Ticket Includes

- Main Stage: Musicians, live acts, Storytelling, a Mermaid Hula Lesson and more! We are also thrilled to have two very special guests lead children in play; Ariel and Moana will host a song and dance lesson during the convention!

- Costume Contest:  Enter our costume contest for the chance to win some fabulous prizes from our vendors!  Our judges will be looking for ocean, mermaid and other nautical themes. Separate contests will be held for children and adults; guests must register for the costume contest on site, the day of the convention.

- Scavenger Hunt:  Aquaman and Mera  will organize children in an ongoing Scavenger Hunt for adorable prizes. This is the classic look-and-find game with a fishy twist!

- Pirate's Carnival:  The little fish visiting the con will delight  in a host of activities and games at the Pirate's Carnival! Feed a hungry shark, save a flounder sailor, explore the con with a Pirate Passport, color a mermaid and fence with foam swords. You may even win some pirate gold for your efforts!

- Vendors: We are proud to host a variety of vendors from California and beyond! From jewelry, costumes and tails, to beauty, bath and art, we have scoured the ocean to bring you the most lovely treasures the sea can offer

- Panels and Lectures:  Expand your mermaid knowledge and ask questions with some of the Mermaid Industry's  leading professionals. A must for any mermaid looking for discourse, enlightenment and education. Light refreshment will be provided.

- Adult Swim: Swim with friends and make some new ones in our beautiful pool.  While you swim, you may even want to check out a few of our poolside vendors; and test out some of their wares in the water! 

Our Convention is being held at the beautiful Rush Park Community Center; guests will have access to the grounds, which include a park, playground, creek and free parking.  Guests are welcome to enjoy the lush lawns and picnic, or spend time poolside in the spacious bleachers.

Ticket FAQ

- DOES NOT include entry to photography sessions, workshops, Children's Swim Sessions, or The Bubble Ball.

- Adult Swim participants must be 12+ to use the pool between the hours of 10 AM - 5 PM. Children may swim in the pool from 7 PM - 10 PM at our Dive In Evening Swim Party. Children who are interested in swimming with a mermaid during the day may book a Children's Swim Session here

- Wristbands must be worn at all times!

- No glass whatsoever, or oil based lubricants will be allowed in the pool area 

- No glitter of any kind will be allowed on site at any time

- We have three restrooms on site, as well as Food Truck Vendors

Purchase Tickets

To purchase tickets for Main Entry, please visit the link below. Please note that Main Entry tickets prices will increase as we near the Convention date

- $47 Early Birds

   Begins Friday, March 7th!

- $53 After May 1st

- $60 After June 1st

Children 3-12 - $20

Children 0-2 FREE

Our Venue

To find out more about the beautiful venue for our Main Entry events, please visit the Rusch Community Center Website by clicking the link below


Costume Contests

Wear Your Most Original Mermaid, Pirate, Ocean or Nautical Themed Costume for the Chance at some Great Prizes!

Those who purchase a Main Entry Ticket to the California Mermaid convention are invited to dress in their mermaidy best and enter our free costume contest!  Separate Contests will be held for Children and Adults; both  contests will be held on Saturday, July 13th in our Main Hall.

Each of our fun prize baskets have been assembled from items gifted by our talented vendors. Do you think you have what it takes to win some of our amazing prizes? Enter our contests to find out!

About Our Contests

- 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winners will be chosen in each Costume Contest

- Contestants must register to enter: Registration will be open from 10 AM - 12 PM. Registration is FREE

- Children's Costume Contest Contestants must gather at the Main Stage at 12:45 PM to prepare for judging

- Adult Costume Contest Contestants must gather at the Main Stage at 3:45 to prepare for judging

Costume Contest Judges

Jenny Winzey


You may know Jenny as Elodea the Mermaid, a freshwater mermaid flipping my fins in California's Central Valley. A former professional mermaid with a Sacramento based company, she still loves the mermaid and pirate community in California. She loves to perform when she can for fun and with other companies, and has worked with our amazing organizers at Mermaid and Mom. Her history on the stage, many years as a ballet dancer and teacher, and her experience as a theatrical makeup artist led to her current passion for creating characters. She also enjoys Golden Age of Piracy and 18th Century reenactment, with a focus on continuously improving her historical accuracy. Her background as a seamstress and avid crafter allows her to create costumes from scratch or by repurposing existing materials. She also has a background in cosplay with a focus on wig making! 

 Judging Favorites: Craftsmanship and materials, with a focus on sewing and wig making. 

Justin Vorhauer


 Justin comes from well over a decade of piracy and gunnery reenactment background. While having an appreciation for period correct work, he tends to personally lean towards romanticized and larger than life costumes. He has been recently spreading out into Edwardian and circus rigs. Additionally, his experience as a competitive beardsman leaves him with an appreciation for showmanship and character.  Justin is also our convention's resident King Neptune, a character he has performed as at the Northern California Pirate Festival for many years, and premiered at the Promenade of Mermaids many years ago,

 Judging Favorites: Realistic or repurposed props, excellent makeup or mask usage, in-character presentations. 

Justin Winzey


When he's dressed like a pirate, you can call him Jay Fathom. He has been helping mermaids move about on dry land at nautical themed events up and down California for years. He has been a part of a traveling piracy museum, entertained festival crowds with piratical shenanigans, and he's been known to sing a shanty or two. When he's not galavanting about as Jay, he spends his free time writing and/or building immersive art installations. He's a DIY enthusiast and a grown up drama kid, which leads to costume parts all over the house, and a backyard full of ridiculous projects.

 Judging Favorites: Knowledge of construction, personal touch, character accuracy (when applicable) 

Diana Vorhauer


Over twenty years of theater experience has fostered in Diana a love for dramatic costumes and personalities.  Her recent endeavors away from theater lean more towards volunteer events and faires, where she has designed her rigs and characters to complement the occasion: Old West, Edwardian Ball, Circus Carnival, ComicCon, Pirate Invasion, or Wasteland Apocalypse.  She loves re-purposing elements from her old costume bin with original crafts commissioned from talented friends, turning her rigs into communal creations of her bizarre vision. 

 Judging Favorites: An enthusiastic story or tour through your creative costuming choices, show me all the secret pieces of your costume she might not notice at first glance -- details matter.  Definitely point out elements you made or designed yourself. 

Sing and Dance with Ariel and Moana

Join these two classic Ocean Characters for an hour of fun and play!


What would a mermaid celebration be without the most famous mermaid of all - Ariel! And we couldn't forget the young woman the sea chose - Moana! Ariel and Moana invite our littlest sea fans to the Main Stage to join them for a song and dance lesson and photo ops. Ariel leads guests in song, and Moana will teach a Hawaiian hula dance.  Don't miss out on this fun opportunity to meet some of your favorite movie characters, in mer-son! 

Activity is free for all with Main Entry Tickets. 

Saturday, July 13th - 2 PM


On the Main Stage


Aquaman and Mera's Scavenger Hunt


Help the Superheros of the Sea in a Fin-tastic Treasure Hunt!

Aquaman and Mera will be leading our littlest guppies in a Scavenger Hunt worthy of the King and Queen of the Ocean!* This ongoing activity will take place all Saturday long from 10 AM to 5 PM during the Main Convention on July 12th. Participants will be given tasks and clues to collect and bring back to the aquatic super team in exchange for an adorable take home prize. And of course, they are welcome to snap a photo with Aquaman and Mera when they complete their mission!   

Aquaman and Mera are visiting the convention as representatives of The League for Hope. The League for Hope's mission is to bring costumed characters in to visit chronically ill children at hospitals, residences, like the Ronald McDonald House, and charity events. They work with staff to provide the experience they are looking for, be it superheroes, princesses, pirates, mermaids, fairies, movie characters, or computer game characters—anything nerdy and kid friendly that the kids may enjoy interacting with. All their volunteers are experienced working with kids who are going through a major health or life issue. Their goal is to share hope by giving kids a chance to be kids for their visit. 

*No registration or payment needed to participate, activity included in Main Entry Ticket

Morning Mermaid Yoga

Wake Up Your Body for a Day at the Con


This  45 minute class is accessible for all mermaids; experienced and beginer, young and old. This class will be as hard or as gentle as you want to make it. Our instructor Kate Beckel with give you time to move, time to breathe, and time to tap in to your inner mermaid god and goddess. You will combine strength and stretching, with a  focus on the core, the spine and legs. Come as you are, do what you can, we hope to see you there!

Please bring a mat or towel and water. 

Class Starts at 10:30 AM


Class will be held on the Main Stage in our auditorium

Class is approx 45 min long


Mermaid Hula Noho with Mermom Laurie

Learn a Hula Noho with one of our convention founders

Mermom Laurie is the "Mom" of Mermaid and Mom; one of the founding companies of the convention.  Mermom Laurie is a seamstress with a degree in Dance and 50 years of experience in children's recreation and care.  She has been a hula dancer since she was 12 years old!

Mermom Laurie is thrilled to share a Hula Noho (seated hula dance) with convention  attendees. Utilizing beautiful natural shells, this dance is perfect for children and adults for an introduction to the complex culture of the Hawaiian Islands. Come join Mermom Laurie as she 'shell'ibrates with a song some of you may recognize... 

Lesson is free to attendees with Main Entry Tickets.  Lesson is aprox 20 min long.

Saturday, July 13th at 11:40 AM

On the Main Stage

STORY-TIME with Lisa the Librarian


Mermaid 'Tails' and Myths Abound!

Come enjoy hearing Mermaid stories, singing songs, and moving and grooving as we shake our tails together with Librarian Lisa from the Sacramento Public Library! 

All ages are welcome. Reading is free to con attendees with Main Entry Ticket

Saturday, July 13th - 12 PM

On the Main Stage

Lectures and Panels - Located in the Sunrise Room, Right Side

10 AM: The Merman - Past and Present


The elusive Merman has often fallen into the shadow of the Mermaid. Where did mermen originate? What is their relationship to the mermaid? To humans? 

In this lecture, we will examine the mythological history and significance of the merman before moving into the modern profession and the pop culture representation. A short question and answer segment with Merman Jax will conclude the presentation. 

12 PM: Mermaid Musing and Movie Magic with Robert Short


Robert Short’s love of the sea drew him to making mermaids and other sea creatures for films and TV.  As a designer, sculptor and diver, he has, over the past 40 years, traveled the world to bring iconic movie and TV characters to life.

His many creations include the "Beetlejuice" afterlife inhabitants (winning him an Oscar for best makeup), Madison the mermaid from "Splash", Snowflake the Dolphin from “Ace Ventura; Pet Detective, Ariel for Disney’s “The Little Mermaid’s Island”, “Herbie” from “Herbie Fully Loaded”, the inspirational heart light of “E.T.”, NIM from NBC’s “Surface” and the early development of the terrifying design of "The Predator". His recent credits include “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “The X-Files” mini series and Marvel’s “Legion”.


“Were do you start when you know something is crying out to be created”? Relax with Bob as he shares his tips and tricks for creating original designs as he looks back at some of the challenges he has faced when creating memorable mermaids and monsters for film and TV.

2 PM: Beyond Geek - Mermaids Sneak Peek


National TV series Beyond Geek will be showing a sneak peek of its upcoming mermaids episode. Show creator/host Joe Gillis, AKA Merman Joe, will be on hand for Q&A. Join the audience and you just might end up in the episode!

Catch Beyond Geek on your local PBS/Public Television station or on Amazon Video.

Representation Panel

Panel Description

The California Mermaid Convention strives to represent and make visible a variety of voices, experiences and identities from all over the seas.  We strive to celebrate the diverse beauty of merfolk from all 'swims' of life.

 Being a part of the Mermaid Community can be difficult enough, but some merfolk face additional challenges simply because of the way they were born. Whether a recreational mer or a working professional, factors such as age, race, orientation, mental/physical health, can all lead to increased difficulties and a much more complex daily experience. We will explore these important themes and issues, helping shed light on them and ultimately celebrate a greater understanding of our friends. It’s about more than just diversity, it’s about genuine Representation. 

Panel FAQ


This panel will take place from 4 PM - 5 PM  on July 13th, 2019. 

Panel will be located in the Sunrise Room,  on the Right Side.

Panel will hold a general discussion with a Q and A session following.

Caribbean Pearl


 Caribbean Pearl, The Pirate Siren, Jewel o' the Oceans has been a mermaid since 2009.  She was the first black, Puerto Rican pirate-mermaid in the East Coast. She worked as the primary mermaid for, The Pirates of the Treasure Coast crew, in Florida, from 2009 until 2011; which lead her to many others private gigs including Alabama, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.  She was named Ambassador for the MerPalooza 2013. In 2014 she was the first mermaid to appear on the November cover of Pirate Nation Magazine.  In 2015 she was invited as a  Special Guest Speaker at the 2nd Merfest in North Carolina and became West Coast Ambassador for Code Rum. 

Today, she continues mermaiding and working under The Dark Tide Productions, based out of Las Angeles.  She continues to do modeling, pirating, living reenactment, and cosplay.

Merman Jax


 Born and raised in Northern California, Jack Laflin (Merman Jax) has been working Professionally as a merman for 8 years. Growing up multi-racial (first generation American on his mother’s side) and gay, he understood innately what it was like to be different. 

Through challenging and uninspired racial stereo-typing in the Hollywood entertainment industry, Jack found a new way to celebrate his diversity and the diversity of others: his event-entertainment company Dark Tide Productions. Now a go-to team for an authentic range of ages, races, backgrounds, and orientations, 

Jack is proud to do his part in bringing representation to the Mermaid Community and to the world in general.  

Mermaid Nymphia


 Mermaid Nymphia has been delivering  professional aquatic mer-formances for almost three years and counting. She is often found swimming up and down the coasts of California, and performing for a variety of events, from children’s parties in San Diego to the magical nightlife of San Francisco. 

As a mermaid of trans identity, she does her utmost to spread the message that mermaiding can be a safe haven for those of different backgrounds as well as something that can be experienced by all.  

Brenna DeBartolo


Brenna DeBartolo is a Deaf multimedia artist and entrepreneur based in California.  She is known for her photography, painting and graphic design. Brenna is an active participant within the Deaf community.  In 2016, she gained recognition as the "Mermaid" of the Deaf community. She has received additional recognition for her role as the founder of Forest Souls, a socially conscious apparel company supporting and restoring forest ecosystems.

In 2016, Brenna attended Dive Bar with some of her coworkers and learned about a competition called "Mermaid For a Night".  With the support of the Deaf community, she won the competition. A story about her victory was featured on Sacramento’s ABC10 news 

Mermaid Storm - The Valkyrie Mermaid



Lexi Stack, The Valkyrie Mermaid, began training in 2014 under mentorship of The Sacramento Mermaids. In late 2016 she adventured off in the realm of solo mermaiding, creating her own company. Lexi has participated in Sacramento Mermaid Weekend for many years prior to its evolution, The California Mermaid Convention. In 2018, Lexi won the Dive Bar’s final “Mer for a Night” competition after many persistent years of competing.

Being Curvy in any industry has its challenges, however it also has opened many doors for Lexi’s career. Being called things like FAT isn’t much different than a child calling a mermaid FAKE because they saw your tail seams.  Something that both the mermaid and modeling industries have taught Lexi is that no matter Land or Sea, when it comes to body positivity and self expression the worlds are the same. Actions will have both positive and negative effects throughout your career, as there will ALWAYS be someone out there who doesn’t appreciate you for who you are or what you look like. Society can make a choice to put aside its SELF-consciousness and instead direct that focus on becoming ECO-conscious. 


Dive in - Evening Swim Party

Splash into the cool summer night!

As the sun begins to set, join merfriends old and new for a 60's Surf Party in the Rusch Park Pool.  Guests at this all ages event will watch in amazement as the Sunrise Swans entertain with their aquatic, synchronized swimming routines. Later, all the party fish can groove to the  sounds of our surf band, The Young Barons! 

What better way to cool off after a long and exciting day at The California Mermaid Convention?

Event runs from 7 PM - 10 PM

Rush Park Pool 

July 13th, 2019

Event FAQ

- This is an ALL AGES event; no alcohol is permitted

- Guests may start their evening in the pool, and transfer to the Bubble Ball, but no pool re-entry will be allowed. 

- Guests MAY NOT start their evening at the Bubble Ball and attend the Dive In swim later.