A limited number of tickets will be available for purchase at the door for all events. For more information, please email us at Thank you.  


Day Time Photo Shoots - Dry Land

Sophisticated Siren Shoot - Lee Harland Photography

Looking for the perfect professional images to showcase your mermaid spirit? Lee Harland is offering six, one-hour photo sessions for our convention attendees. Images will be taken on a clean, white backdrop, ideal for professional portfolios, head shots, and photo art manipulation. 

 Book your shoot with this amazing artist who has a gentle, sensitive aesthetic and a true mastery of light before they sell out! 

Lee Harland is a Husband, Father and Photographer. Born and raised in Modesto, Ca. Lee spent several years in Lodi, Ca. before moving to the Sacramento California area, where he currently resides. With camera in hand, he spends most of his creative time wandering Northern California looking for unique landscapes and creative portrait locations. 

You can find more of Lee's work here.

Ticket FAQ

Sophisticated Siren Session

- July 13th, 2019

- 10 PM - 5 PM

- Rusch Community Center - Sunrise Room/Left Side

- 6 Available/1 Hr Each

- Solo or Group Photo Shoot on a clean, white backdrop

- Package Includes 3 Retouched images

- Participants must bring their own tail, costume and accessories

- Tickets: $300

*Does not include ticket to Main Entry

*Includes One Free Ticket to the Bubble Ball



Pro Mermaid or Transformation Shoot - Shannon Subers Photography

The creative team at the California Mermaid Convention is building a special themed set just for these photo shoots! We are creating an on-land mermaid grotto for Shannon Subers 'Pro Mermaid' and 'Transformation' photo shoots. The grotto will be a mermaids' seaweedy dream, with an ocean rock and bubbly backdrop; who wouldn't want to grab a photo  in such a mystical setting?

Shannon Subers is a lifelong ocean advocate who loves using film and photography to tell stories. She has been part of the Mermaid Community for over five years, and performed as a mermaid at events benefiting local non profits. Ever since she discovered the fun of being a real life mermaid, she has wanted to share her joy with others! She combines her love for photography, ocean conversation, and imagination into a fun experience for any mermaid (or merman) at heart! 

You can find more of Shannon's work here

Ticket FAQ

Pro Mermaid or Transformation Session

- July 13th, 2019

- 10 AM - 5 PM

- Rusch Community Center - Sunrise Room/Left Side

- 6 Available/1 Hr Each

- Solo or Group Photo Shoot in a themed, mermaid grotto

- Package Includes 5  Retouched Images

- Pro Mermaid Package Participants must bring their own tail, top and accessories. Transformation Session Participants will be costumed by the photographer for the duration of the shoot

- Tickets: $300

*Does not include ticket to Main Entry

*Includes One Free Ticket to the Bubble Ball


Evening Photo Shoots - Underwater

Evening Underwater Shoot - Brett Stanley

 We are ecstatic to feature Brett Stanley as our only night time underwater photo shoot option! Brett has photographed the world's leading mermaid models and entertainers; we are so very lucky to have him on board as one of our convention photographers! And now, you can become part of the legacy.

Brett Stanley has been working with water for over 10 years, and is still finding creative ways to create images that have a life of their own.  Brett loves being under the water and adding photography to that is just a bonus. His natural calm nature in the water really helps his clients to feel comfortable, which is the first aim of any underwater shoot.  

Whilst based in Los Angeles, USA, the Australian born photographer travels frequently and relishes the chance to work with new people and new locations all over the world.  Always looking to innovate, Brett has built custom equipment and perfected his techniques to make every photoshoot the best it can be.  

Brett’s work has been published worldwide and his landmark series Underwater Pole Dance garnered massive attention internationally and was featured in magazines, newspapers, and on TV all over the globe.  As an award winning underwater photographer, you’ll always be in good hands. 

You can find more of Brett's work here

Ticket FAQ

Evening Underwater Photography Sessions

- July 13th, 2019

- Five Sessions Available

- 30 Minutes Each

- Package Includes 3 Retouched Images

- Participants must be able to swim in a depth of 10 ft of water without holding the side for 30 minutes

- Participants must bring their own tail, costume and accessories

Tickets: $400

Rusch Community Center Dive Well

*Does not include Main Event Entry

*Includes One FREE Ticket to the Bubble Ball

Roaming Photographers

We are fortunate to have procured the time and skill from two absolutely wonderful roaming event photographers for the duration of the Convention.  Be sure to give them a big smile if you see their cameras around the con!

It is important to us at The California Mermaid Convention to capture the magic and fun of all three days of events!  Our roaming photographers will be onsite at each location, making sure not a moment of merriment is lost.

DD Photography


Deanna Dyson is the owner of DD Photography,  and is proud of her 30 years behind the camera. She began taking photographs when she was sixteen, and her passion behind the lens has led her throughout California; she has captured subjects in Yosemite National Park, at many local Renaissance Faires, and beyond. Each subject who passes by her lens is special and important in their own right,  she loves photography because she can capture a moment in time, freeze it and make it a memory.  She thinks that these memories are precious, because it's those memories that last a lifetime. 

You can find more of Deanna's work on Facebook

Stephen Johnson


Stephen Johnson  has been on the photography scene for seven years,  a few of his favorite events to photograph are the Northern California Pirate Festival and The Dickens Christmas Fair.  He loves event photography, because the patrons and performers are always welcoming. He particularly enjoys photographing The Sea Dogs, and the Brotherhood of the Black Flag as they entertain crowds at events.  He loves to engage patrons in his photography, using his secret four-part strategy to capture something unique and memorable.  The reaction of his subjects, and emotional content are the heart of his work.